Monitoring and assistance

Monitoring and assistance
The real-time monitoring and assistance service is a real asset for the management of crises since it allows to make decisions during intense climatic phenomena. It is based on the use of scientific tools (satellites, rainfall radars, lightning detectors, networks of weather stations) which make it possible to monitor the ongoing events, to determine their intensities, their locations and to anticipate their trajectories in the short term. This multi-scalar approach allows us to assist our customers on the scale of an agricultural plot as well as a construction site or a town. 

A team of experts
at your service

A team of experts at your service

ARHYA is a company composed of experts in Natural Disaster Management who have developed strong skills in weather forecasting. Our mission consists in anticipating, predicting and detecting intense hydrometeorological events in order to protect the population, the companies and the municipalities.

Our teams are highly qualified and experienced in the anticipation of climatic phenomena. Every hour of every day, we pay very close attention to all damaging hazards everywhere across Europe and Africa. In order to assist our customers:

  • ARHYA offers entirely customised services: our experts create detailed forecasts for your area (county, town, company, agricultural plot...) and fully designed for your activities. In case of any hydrometeorological event which might be damaging, we warn you in advance. 
  • Our teams use the best technologies developed in Europe and America. Those ensure an excellent predictability and an optimal coverage for all meteorological phenomena. 
  • You are given access to an online private personal space: we provide you with modern and operational tools. The information and forecasts you need are delivered to you via text messages or phone calls and are available on our website which is entirely dedicated to our customers.
Monitoring and assistance for agricultural businesses

We guarantee these weather services are available 24/7 and integrate forecasts for the very short term:

You are systematically warned as soon as a storm, a hailstorm or heavy rains are to be expected at your plots’ locations.

We inform you of the intensity and the location of the ongoing hydrometeorological phenomena, while anticipating their trajectories in the short term. Our mission: alerting you soon enough to allow you to act and protect yourself. 

This system of alerts, entirely customised, aims at limiting your economic losses.

Monitoring and assistance for municipalities

Does your town have areas which are likely to flood?

Our teams take turns to provide you with alerts and use their knowledge in crisis management to assist you 24/7. We take into account your territory’s structural vulnerability.

This service represents a real asset to help you make the right decisions while launching the emergency plan, and regarding the actions to take during the crisis. 

We help you to better manage the hydrometeorological hazards which your town faces by providing you with detailed information regarding the current weather conditions of your territory.

Monitoring and assistance for the construction industry

Our experts deliver weather bulletins and alerts in real time, 24/7 and throughout all your construction sites’ durations.

You are provided with accurate and local information regarding the intensity of the ongoing phenomenon as well as its evolution in the very short term.

Our service allows you to optimise your working time by planning your activities based on the weather conditions. Thanks to our expertise, your economic losses are limited. 

In times of bad weather, we give our customers additional information to allow them to better manage their teams and logistics.