Weather certificate

Weather certificate

In case of damages due to gusts of wind, heavy rains, hailstorms, snowfalls or lightning strikes, the insurance companies can ask for a weather certificate to make sure that certain criteria have been reached and exceeded in order for you to be compensated. ARHYA offers its expertise in meteorology in order to deliver you, as quickly as possible, a certificate to enable you to be compensated for your accident.

Our offer: certificates delivered quickly by our experts to receive your insurance's payment as soon as possible.

We cover all weather phenomena:

Our teams are composed of experts in intense and damaging climatic phenomena who rely on a network of weather stations which are certified to be in compliance with the global standards of meteorology. Given that the national coverage in weather stations is not optimal, it is possible that the insurance companies refuse to take them into account because they are too far from the accident's location. To face this problem, our certificates contain an expert assessment which looks back to the day in where the hazard occurred and specify that higher values may have been observed at the accident's location. This happens regularly in the Summer due to storms which cause violent gusts of wind on very retrained areas (sometimes in lanes inferior to 500m)

Whether you are a company or a private individual, we deliver weather certificates all across Europe and Africa. Once your order is complete, you will receive your certificate by email in less than 36 hours, for the price of €30 (taxes not included). For any specific request, like a period which covers several days for instance, please contact us through our contact form so that we can give you an appropriate estimate.

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